Safeguarding your business systems against cyber-attacks is non-negotiable. Implementing a robust Patch Management strategy effectively protects your organisation from hackers and cyber criminals. Patch Management enhances your security posture and ensures your data remains confidential.

What is Patch Management and Why is it Important?


Patch Management involves continuously updating the software on computers and network devices This process helps your systems resist low-level cyber-attacks. Software developers regularly release new ‘patches’ to update, fix, or improve programs.

While these updates benefit the programs, they also highlight vulnerabilities attackers can exploit. Delaying patch deployment can leave your systems exposed to cyber threats.

By regularly patching or updating your software, you:

  • Quickly identify and remediate security vulnerabilities
  • Protect your software, operating system, and business from cyber attacks
  • Enhance your organisation's security by addressing software vulnerabilities promptly

Why Patch Management Matters


Cyber Essentials reports that implementing fundamental security controls can prevent nearly 85% of the most common cyber-attacks. [1] A Ponemon Institute survey found that almost 60% of breaches occurred due to unpatched vulnerabilities.[2] These statistics reinforce the essential nature of an effective Patch Management strategy is essential for businesses of all sizes.

Regular monitoring and health checks, compliance checks, and incident reporting after patches are deployed ensure a well-rounded strategy.


Key Components of an Effective Patch Management Strategy

A comprehensive Patch Management strategy should cover all systems and applications within your organisation. This includes:

  • Devices: Desktop computers, laptops, tablets, mobile phones
  • Servers: Web, email, and application servers
  • Network equipment: Firewalls, routers

Protecting Your End-Users


To safeguard your organisation and end-users, follow these Cyber Essentials recommendations.

  • Routinely license and support all software
  • Deploy software patches within 14 days for critical or high-risk vulnerabilities
  • Remove unsupported applications from devices

Our Approach at The Missing Link


At The Missing Link, we offer Patch Management as a Service, ensuring we apply critical security patches within 48 hours. Our experts work closely with technical teams to ensure clear communication and accountability. Additionally, we:

  • Minimise the use of personal equipment by employees
  • Implement multi-factor authentication for VPNs when necessary
  • Conduct compliance and auditing checks along with incident reporting

Protect your business


Are you looking to enhance your cyber security measures? At The Missing Link, we specialise in guiding you through obtaining Cyber Essentials or Cyber Essentials Plus certification. Our team of experts is ready to provide the support and expertise you need.

Contact our knowledgeable team for hands-on assistance with your certification and broader cyber security concerns. To learn more about Cyber Essentials, including aspects like Malware Protection, User Access Control, and Patch Management, click here.





Louise Wallace