Security Controls Review

Identify and mitigate the risk of a data compromise in the ever-evolving threat landscape

We provide tailored recommendations to resolve your security issues and mitigate potential breaches

Our Security Controls Review is ideal if you're interested in improving your cyber security maturity but unsure where to start. The cyber security landscape is ever-evolving making it essential to continually assess and improve your security controls to protect your critical data and information.

The first part of our Security Controls Review involves assessing your businesses existing infrastructure and policies. This allows our team to see an overview of your current security posture and understand your business needs. Using our Security Controls Review framework, we then create a report that scores the maturity level of your existing security controls.

We'll then provide a tailored series of recommendations to resolve the shortcomings and mitigate the ongoing risk of a data breach. Our recommendations will allow you to improve your security posture flexibly and tailored for your business. 

We understand that threats are constantly changing and evolving, which is why our Security Controls Review is ongoing. We work and have a trusted partnership with industry-leading vendors such as Microsoft, Sophos, Fortinet and Rapid7. 

Your partner in identifying and mitigating the risk of a data compromise

Our Security Controls Review will determine your environment's strengths and weaknesses and provide tailored recommendations to fit your objectives. 

Trusted and tailored solutions and recommendations to evolve your cyber security controls

Simple and actionable results

Receive recommendations you can take to improve the security posture of your business, tailored to your needs.

Trusted review

Our Security Controls Review is built with many of the standard requirements of the Cyber Essentials and is completed by a subject matter expert, not self-reported.

Personalised solutions

We analyse your current security controls to provide personalised solutions that identify, mitigate and control the risk of breach or data compromise.

Perfect Partner Experience