Application Security Training

Hackers exploit any mistakes, no matter how small, made by developers who have inadequate secure coding training

It's time to target the weakest point in your application security; coding. Our Application Security Training is built for developers by our developers. 

Software developers are not traditionally taught cyber security, so how do you get developers to start thinking about application security?

Application Security Training bridges the gap between traditional software engineering knowledge and security. We reset your developer's view of application security by equipping them with the knowledge and tools to embed security into their application development from the beginning.

Our Application Security Training has been put together by security experts and developers who understand what unique challenges developers face. Using real-life scenarios from penetrations tests, we drive the points home, ensuring the content is targeted to the oraginsation development stack and not generic.

  • Ignite a security mindset
    Unify your security team and developers to strengthen your security posture.
  • Reduce the cost of rework
    Decrease vulnerabilities introduced into the code, letting developers focus on building features, not remediating vulnerabilities.
  • Upskill your developers
    Improve your developers secure coding skillset while helping retain and keep staff engaged.
  • Meet PCI/DCC compliance
    As part of your PCI/DSS compliance, you need to conduct yearly security training for your developers. Most training is generic and while it ticks the box, why not make it worth it to your developers?

Application Security Training Categories 

Introduction To Secure Coding

Targeted to the frameworks and languages that developers work with every day, this training covers secure coding principles, security tools, common mistakes and design principles.

Implementing Secure DevOps

Deep diving into the development processes, developers will learn how to implement cyber security in all stages of development, including best practice guides.


Our Bootcamp is a hands-on REST API backend designed in .NET following modern best practices, but with mistakes that introduced vulnerabilities! We work through exploitation to fixes, helping foster offensive and defensive skills for your developers.