Security Awareness Training

Tailored, modular Cyber Security Awareness Programs to empower your people to be the first line of defence

It's time to tackle the weakest link in your organisation's cyber security: human error. 

While people are our most valuable assets, they can also be one of the weakest links in our organisation's cyber security. This is supported by the United Kingdom's Cyber Security Breaches Survey in 2022, which quoted that of the 39% of UK businesses who identified an attack, the most common threat vector was phishing attempts (83%). 

Phishing requires minimum effort and risk for cybercriminals. Usually, the attacker has done their research on the intended receiver, and it will be contextual and well-timed. Even with a robust email security perimeter, attackers can try to bypass it and operate inside your email network. 

With clients across all sectors, we've tried and tested our methodology to ensure we target all users in a contextual, relevant and continuous program to positively shift an organisation's cyber security culture. 

We utilise technology from our preferred partners, Mimecast, Proofpoint and Knowbe4, to bring a tailored approach to Cyber Security Awareness Programs. Our modular system encompasses everything from simulated phishing and online training to executive briefings and attack simulation workshops. All of which are tracked, analysed and reported to help you identify your riskiest users.

Cyber Security Awareness Training is critical to strengthening your first line of defence layer. Cybercriminals are all motivated by different objectives. Our training helps you understand your potential attackers and what they want so you're better positioned to strengthen your defences.

Why do you need Security Awareness Training?

Identify cyber threats

Provide employees with the ability to understand and identify common security threats.

Better cyber decisions

Enable them to make the right decision when they identify a threat.

Improve your cyber security

Strengthen the weakest layer in your cyber security – your people. 

Protects data

Ultimately better protect your sensitive data.

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