Security Operations Centre

Our Security Operations Centre (SOC) is an goal-oriented team determined to make an impact for our clients through security services – both proactive and reactive.

Managed Security Services delivering uninterrupted cyber defence and monitoring

A Managed SOC can provide specialist resources who are trained in your unique IT environment, whenever you need them. We’re online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Our SOC provides all this and more. Our team is located in Australia, but that doesn’t mean you’re missing out on excellent service! We have a world-class team who are among the most trained and certified professionals across the globe. We continuously invest in their development, and they maintain strong lines of communication with our account management team in the UK.

We can assist your organisation on many levels – including if you’re looking to explore outsourcing your security program or augmenting your in-house IT or security team. We’re completely goal-oriented and prioritise building strong, cohesive relationships with our clients, maintaining our expertise in market-leading tech solutions and constant innovation.

The SOC is comprised of a combination of roles and specialisations, that collaborate to achieve the best business outcomes for our clients.
  • Defenders

Our Defenders are the team overseeing our Managed Security Services. They specialist in protective controls such as Network Security and PAM. This team works year-round within the ITIL v4 Framework to keep your environment secure, online.

  • Watchers & Hunters

The Watchers & Hunters on our team execute our Managed Detection & Response (MDR) services. Like the our Managed Security Services Defenders, the Watchers & Hunters continuously patrol your environment, searching for any threats or unusual activity.

  • Service Delivery (SD) Team

Our Service Delivery (SD) Team is the driving force powering all our services. Once you become a MSS or MDR customer, you’ll have an assigned SD team member that intimately understands your your organisation, goals and requirements.

How do your security operations stack up?

Find out how mature your security operations are, and learn how they can improve in under 3 minutes using our Security Operations Maturity Assessment.

In this assessment, we help you appreciate the maturity of your security monitoring and incident response capabilities at a high level, and provide on how to enhance your security posture.

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Protect, Deter, Defend Your Business Matters

Boost visibility

Supercharged tools allow immediate identification of malicious activity in your network.

Complete integrations

Combine your new security tools with established technology and existing controls.

Endless SOC

Our established Security Operations Centre is equipped with the latest tech, which our consultants use to keep your business safe.

Expert team

We integrate world-class experience with state-of-the-art solutions and strategies to identify the latest cyber threats and protect your business from them.


A day in the life: Our Security Operations Centre

Discover a typical day in our SOC. Every day is different - but here’s an insight into what our Analysts get up to and how we ensure we’re making an impact for our clients.

Here, our Head of Security Operations Nick Forster gives you a tour of The Missing Link's SOC and what it's like to work with us as your trusted partner.

Could we be your trusted Security Operations Centre partner?

The Missing Link has 25+ years of experience and can be a trusted managed security and incident response partner for your organisation. Let our SOC create peace of mind for your business.


  • What does a Security Operations Centre do?

    An SOC is driven by a team that provides outcome-driven cyber security support to incidents and threats to its customers – both proactively and reactively. The Missing Link’s SOC protects people, technology and processes from the threat of Attackers – whether they’re nation-state, criminal, hacktivists or insiders). We offer comprehensive services, spanning from daily security monitoring and threat intelligence through to strategic design of multi-cloud security. Importantly, you can rest assured we provide rapid incident response as our SOC team works 24/7. We’re an ISO27001 approved organisation, proving our SOC follows best practices in Information Security.

  • What services does The Missing Link’s Security Operations Centre provide?

    A business’ stability and viability is intrinsically linked to its security posture. The Missing Link has award-winning security consultants working around the clock to protect businesses from cyber threats such as malware and hackers. Our team can work in partnership with you to examine your entire environment and identify the best strategy to make sure your organisation is reinforced against hacking, phishing and much more. We provide many services to discourage, identify and respond to potential threats, including tactical day-to-day security monitoring, strategic planning and threat intelligence.

  • Why is a Security Operations Centre important?

    Attackers never take a day off – they're all motivated by different targets and objectives, and are laser focused on breaking down their target’s security posture. Even the smallest, most inconsequential action like opening a suspicious email or clicking an unknown link could be the straw that broke the camel’s back, exposing your business to a breach. Some of the potential impacts of a breach include data leaks, broken trust, stolen money, and reputation damage. Our =SOC can help you identify and know your potential attackers and guide toward implementing stronger defences across technology, people and process.

  • How are an SOC and SIEM different?

    SOC is an acronym for Security Operations Centre, which is a hub staffed by experienced cyber security consultants. On the other hand, SIEM stands for Security Incident Event Management – software that supports activities such as threat detection, compliance monitoring and security incident management through collecting and analysing security events, as well as a multitude of other data sources. In short: A SIEM system highlights potential threats to your business and any abnormal events, and an SOC houses the security team who examines these alerts. Security team consultants may decide to either escalate an alert or flag it as a false positive, depending on its nature.

  • How will the SOC handle my data and report back?

    The SOC team identifies risks and responds to threats using the data analysed by the SIEM. There’s no weak links here! Every team member is a qualified security consultant with experience reviewing network data and building powerful solutions to protect against external threats. They’ll deliver detailed reports which analyse SIEM alerts, summarise each security event (including whether it was a false alert or a genuine threat) and, most importantly, address any threats that arise in a timely manner. Finally, our SOC offers around-the-clock monitoring of network security data, so it’s a given that your systems have the best possible protection 24/7.

  • What components make up an SOC?

    There are two vital components of a SOC, which work in tandem to protect your environment from threats:

    Our team of security consultants – World-class cyber security professionals are at the front line of our SOC, monitoring each system and escalating alerts to incident responders when necessary. How do we determine when a threat needs to be escalated, and how far? By determining its severity and complexity.

    SIEM – The software that highlights potential threats to your business and any abnormal events so that our SOC team can respond.

    Additionally, we also offer services above and beyond our SOC - including bespoke Network Security, Secure SD - Wan, and Vulnerability Management as a Service (VMaaS).

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