Endpoint Security

Stop malware, ransomware and exploits in their tracks

Complete protection of your end-user devices and servers

We live in a connected world, making every endpoint vulnerable and needing protection. Endpoints are continually on the radar of cybercriminals and attacked via phishing emails, malicious links, infected attachments or drive-by downloads.

Our endpoint security solutions focus on threat hunting to preempt attacks and incident response to ensure threats are neutralised to avoid business disruption. 

AI and Deep Learning are at the centre of Endpoint Security, which is highly effective even against emerging threats. By analysing a large number of security events daily, our solutions expose attackers' behaviour patterns and empower defenders to stop attacks before they gain a foothold in your network. 

Our solutions monitor servers and end-user devices, providing you with regular visibility of your entire environment. This empowers real-time response to threats.

Hardened endpoints with secure and locked-down applications are at the heart of your business's security posture. This also includes incorporating security practices into the product development lifecycle so that applications developed by your organisation for use by employees are secure and free from risks.

We believe our endpoint security solutions are among the best globally; we help our clients future-proof their organisations against both known and emerging threats.

Your partner in Endpoint Security

Our expert team will work with you to stop breaches before they even start. We cover all Endpoint Security controls, including Next-Gen Antivirus, Patch and Vulnerability Management, Secure Operating Environment and Secure DevOps.

Harden and future proof your endpoint security 

Detect threats

Utilise the power of AI and machine learning to better detect known and unknown threats.

Threat response

Our team can act on your behalf to monitor, isolate and remediate threats.

Exploit prevention

Halt attackers in their tracks before they can distribute malware, steal credentials and evade detection.

Limit lateral movement

Hardening your endpoints makes it harder for attackers to move laterally across your network.

Perfect Partner Experience