User Awareness Training

Mitigate the risk of cyber breaches resulting from human error

It's time to empower your staff to make better, wiser and faster cyber decisions

I'm sure we have all received spam and phishing emails before. Phishing requires minimum effort and risk for cybercriminals. Unfortunately, all it takes for an attacker to be successful is a single email; if the attacker has done their research on the receiver, it will usually be contextual and well-timed. It is only a matter of time before a staff member falls victim to a phishing email. But without the proper training, the question is, how much will it cost your business? 

User Awareness Training, or Security Awareness Training, is a program to train your employees to be your first line of defence: a human firewall. Our program helps your staff identify phishing emails, keep them vigilant, and assess your riskiest users. 

Attackers are all motivated by different targets/objectives, and our training program is designed to help you figure out who your potential attackers are and what they want.

Once you can do that, your business is better positioned to strengthen defences in a targeted manner. This is a holistic exercise encompassing your technology, people and process. 

User Awareness Training is a key part of strengthening your human firewall. When done correctly, it reduces the risk of an employee clicking on links that might compromise the organisation.

Your partner in User Awareness Training

We partner with industry-leading vendors, including Proofpoint, KnowBe4 and Mimecast, to provide the most comprehensive and engaging security awareness programs. We know what is required to make a successful phishing email and have developed our security awareness programs around that knowledge. 

Create and strengthen your human firewall

Identify cyber threats

Provide staff with the knowledge to understand and identify security threats in their inbox.

Better cyber decisions

Empower your staff to make the best decision when they identify a threat.

Improve your cyber security

Address the weakest layer in your cyber security – your staff.

Protect sensitive data

Close the security gap by turning all your staff into a human firewall.

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