Application Security Solutions.

Prevent your application from becoming another headline in the fight against cybercrime

Develop secure applications to prevent unauthorised access

The bottom line, if you are developing web applications, you have a responsibility to ensure your client's data and applications are protected. 

Application security protects your online services and applications from threats that seek to exploit vulnerabilities in your code. Vulnerabilities in code can be exploited to gain unauthorised access via various attack vectors, such as SQL Injections, Cross Site Scripting, Remote File Inclusion, and Cross-Site Request Forgery.

Although application security will not generate a profit, it can reduce costs in the long run by catching security vulnerabilities very early in the application development life cycle. As the application development cycle proceeds, vulnerabilities become exponentially more difficult to rectify and, therefore, more and more costly. 

We have the experience with industry-leading security testing tools to help you get the most out of your investment, including, Static, Dynamic or Interactive Application Security Tools, Web Application Firewalls, Software Composition Analysis and Runtime Application Self Protection tools.

Your partner in Application Security

We can assist with your Application Security, whether it's training, threat modelling, secure code design, code review or complete consulting services. Application security doesn't have to break the bank or slow down production either – we will provide a solution that meets your budget, risk appetite and deadlines. 

Whether you are just starting your journey of securing your applications or if you have a mature approach and wish to take it to the next level - we can help!

Your applications hold data. Protect your data from unauthorised access.

Secure DevOps

Implement modern, best-in-class security tools through our tried and tested processes. We can help you!

Protect your reputation

Be safe knowing your applications are more secure, protecting your business from financial and brand impact.

Reduce vulnerabilities

Be able to identify, remediate and report cyber threats in line with new disclosure laws.

Security Tooling

We combine experience with industry-leading cyber security tools to ensure you get the most from your investment.

Train your staff

We will train your developers to establish a security-first mindset.

Reliable experience

As developers, we understand the unique challenges and have the security experience to solve them.

Perfect Partner Experience