Gordon Frank

Chief Financial Officer

I joined The Missing Link as Chief Financial Officer having worked in finance for 20 years – initially in the United Kingdom after qualifying there, and in Sydney since 2012. The senior finance roles I’ve had in commercial environments have included wholesale/retail/distribution, debt collection and car rental. Most recently I was the CFO of an organisation for almost seven years.

As the Chief Financial Officer, I enjoy taking the time to learn how the business runs from start to finish and realising where I can add value along the way. People around here have probably noticed that I ask a lot of questions. That’s because my mantra for work and life is ‘If in doubt, ask’ – it works a treat when you’re looking at how to achieve efficiencies and make improvements to the operations of the finance team, or throwing your support behind any of the other teams within the business. In the end, I’m here to make a difference – for me that’s the greatest professional challenge you can give me.

Outside of work, I play football (soccer) to keep fit, I enjoy listening to music and love spending time with my family. I’m also known to be a bit of a handy man – especially if the tasks involve pulling out my Ryobi power tools!

Ask me about my dreams, and I’ll tell you I’d like to sit down for dinner with Winston Churchill and JFK, then top off the experience with a trip onboard the International Space station to see the world. But coming back to earth, I’d really like to get back to playing my drums in a band.

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